The philosophy and the legal aspects of the 1000Club are based on respect and the absence of a desire for hegemony.

Ranking Policy

Version of December 10, 2019

The most reliable members are highlighted at

Since we can not display all the publications of all users of the 1000Club site on the same page, we have no alternative but to rank the members to present their publications on the hub and during multi-filter searches. Thus, to fulfill also our mission of protection and development of the activities of our users, we first present the publications of the "most reliable members".

The concept of "most reliable members" does not rely on any discriminatory criteria, but exclusively on the activity of users on the 1000Club site, with the aim of allowing users to devote their time primarily to members who:

  • Respect their customers the most (thanks to the quality and price of their products and services, their after-sales service, delivery times, ethics, etc.);
  • Use the 1000Club site in the best way.

The importance of the concept of "most reliable members" is strategic in our ranking algorithm, of which the components are presented randomly, below:

  • Seniority.
  • Geographical location.
  • Compliance with the Terms of Use, the Publishing Policy, the Keyword Policy, the Assessment Policy.
  • Verification of your identity with Declaration on the honor (Apostillea).
  • Verification of the legal existence of the legal entity (for Corporate accounts).
  • Number of publication online.
  • Number of authorized subscribers who follow your news.
  • Number of members followed (by you).
  • Assessment by peers [How many members assessed you? What is your overall score? How many users did you assess? what notes did you give them?].
  • Publication of the amount of business you have done through the 1000Club site.
  • Your Membership level (Basic, Basic+, Premium Vip, Premium Diamond).
  • Your use of Individual Packages.
  • Commissions you paid to intermediaries on transactions [B2B].
  • Commissions you paid to 1000Club on business transactions [B2B].
  • Commissions you paid to 1000Club on online sales [B2C].

The algorithm of the 1000Club site weights each element according to its relative importance. We can change elements and their importance without notice, appeal, or damage.

Note that on your Newsfeed, the ads and posts of the members you follow appear in the chronological order of publication (no algorithm).

We may improve the Ranking Policy time to time (according to the Article 17 of the Terms of Use).

We aim to constantly improve our services and we are working hard to develop new features that make the 1000Club site better for you and our community. As a result, to accurately reflect our services and practises, we may need, time to time, to update our Ranking Policy.

1000Club reserves the right to change at any time and, unless otherwise required by law, without notice the Ranking Policy.

Any changes will be immediately reflected on the page of the text concerned by the modification. The update date will be mentioned. You are therefore invited to regularly check their latest updated version.

We will do our best, however, to notify you of these changes before they go inti effect. We recommend that you subscribe to the site: Thus, you will be informed on your Newsfeed of changes to the conditions of use. Think of it as an act of pure courtesy.

Once any updated Ranking Policy is in effect, you will be bound by it if you continue to use the 1000Club site.

We hope that you will continue using the 1000Club site, but if you do not agree to our updated Ranking Policy and no longer want to be a part of the 1000Club community, you can delete your account at any time.

Only the latest English version entitled "Ranking Policy" [published on] has probative value. PDF versions do not bind us legally. Please always check the latest version on