The philosophy and the legal aspects of the 1000Club are based on respect and the absence of a desire for hegemony.

Publishing Policy

Version of December 10, 2019

Rules of conformity to an optimized workspace and consumption

1000Club aims to protect and grow the activities of its members and to provide the best commercial proposals for all.

Subversive or contentious activities have no place on the 1000Club site, which, as a Private Club of Companies and Consumers, is a space of proposition and not of contestation or manipulation. Our Publishing Policy follows this direction.

We aim to have quality publications in the following key but not exhaustive fields: business, investment, finance, distribution, businesses, all types of commerce, industry, raw materials, consulting, employment, career, innovation, science, art, culture, philosophy, education, sport, recreation, real estate, tourism, travel, gastronomy, services or consumer products, services or products for professionals.

More generally, you will not publish any post or write a comment:

  1. Junk or spam.
  2. In connection with illegal, malicious, discriminatory activity.
  3. Regarding pyramid schemes (this includes illegal multilevel marketing systems in the country of residence of the author - on the other hand, legal systems are accepted) or illegal services.
  4. Inciting hatred, violence, pornography, sectarianism, or harming others (defamatory or otherwise).
  5. Regarding your privacy or that of another user.
  6. Intentionally, with false, erroneous or misleading content.
  7. Racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, denial, pornographic, pedophile, child pornography.
  8. With insulting, defamatory, or offensive remarks about:
    • privacy, and more generally to anyone's personality rights;
    • undermining human dignity.
  9. Inciting:
    • violence, suicide, terrorism, the use, manufacture or distribution of illicit substances;
    • to crimes or offenses, or apologies, and especially crimes against humanity.
  10. Aiming to intimidate or harass another person.
  11. Which could overload or prevent the proper functioning or appearance of the 1000Club site (such as an attack resulting in a denial of service or interference with the display of pages or other features of the 1000Club site).
  12. Encouraging an infringement of our Publication Policy or our regulations.
  13. Containing a virus or other malicious code.
  14. With content related to alcoholic beverages, adult dating sites or other adult products and services (including advertisements) without age-related access restrictions.
  15. This list could be completed in compliance with current legal and regulatory provisions.

We accept religious information publications when they are not proselytes. You can talk to others about your religion when you do not violate another religion. For example, it is forbidden to compare your religion to another religion, or to criticize another religion or its representatives.

In order to avoid misinformation or manipulations, political or union activities are framed on 1000Club. You can publish:

  • Private Messages to your authorized subscribers, which can not be seen by users who have not subscribed freely to your news. Before you post a Private Post of a political nature, you must prevent your authorized subscribers from sharing this post (by disabling this option in the Private Post Settings) so that non-registered users in your feeds can not receive your unsolicited political messages.
  • Articles presenting your program or your political ideas, provided, however, not to make any comparison with other political programs, or not to criticize another political program or action or one of its representatives.
  • Company Profiles to present your political organization or your union.

1000Club will disable any publications, messages, comments, or assessments that it deems to be non-compliant with the letter or spirit of its Publication Policy, without notice, appeal, or damages.

We may improve the Publishing Policy time to time (according to the Article 17 of the Terms of Use).

We aim to constantly improve our services and we are working hard to develop new features that make the 1000Club site better for you and our community.

As a result, to accurately reflect our services and practises, we may need, time to time, to update our Publishing Policy.

1000Club reserves the right to change at any time and, unless otherwise required by law, without notice the Publishing Policy.

Any changes will be immediately reflected on the page of the text concerned by the modification. The update date will be mentioned. You are therefore invited to regularly check their latest updated version.

We will do our best, however, to notify you of these changes before they go inti effect. We recommend that you subscribe to the site: Thus, you will be informed on your Newsfeed of changes to the conditions of use. Think of it as an act of pure courtesy.

Once any updated Publishing Policy is in effect, you will be bound by it if you continue to use the 1000Club site.

We hope that you will continue using the 1000Club site, but if you do not agree to our updated Publishing Policy and no longer want to be a part of the 1000Club community, you can delete your account at any time.

Only the latest English version entitled "Publishing Policy" [published on] has probative value. PDF versions do not bind us legally. Please always check the latest version on