Getting started

The innovative functions of the project to automate your agile communication and accelerate your business.

How does the hub surpass everything you already know?

The 1000Club hub is essential to :
  1. Inform.
  2. Sell.
  3. Build customer loyalty.
  4. Work more efficiently.
  5. Optimize your career.
When you sign in to your account, the hub automatically introduces new prospects, potential suppliers, subcontractors, manufacturers, investors, distributors, resellers, partners, consultants, employees, etc. (without any action on your part) that can meet your evolving needs.

Our algorithm simply takes into account the keywords indicated in "ACCOUNT > Preferences", as well as those related to each publication and private message to suggest you good members.

With the 1000Club hub, no one is looking, and everyone finds.
Instead of being isolated, your website is "connected" because:
  1. With one click, members can:
    • Subscribe to your news (and unsubscribe).
    • Share your publications (with the exception of private messages that appear only on the Newswire) on their site and / or with their authorized subscribers (subject to prior authorization).
  2. Your HTML5 site is optimized for all types of screens. It is secure (HTTPS protocol). And everything has been respected to make it natively optimized for search engines (SEO).
With 1000Club, you save money by removing significant costs (which we pool on a large scale):
  • Domain name.
  • Hosting your site.
  • Digital certificate HTTPS.
  • Webdesign.
  • Updates (Webmaster).
  • Maintenance (safety).
1000Club saves you from spending fortunes in advertising on search engines, social networks, and traditional directories.
  1. Inside the hub, authorized subscribers dynamically update your Circles according to your selection filters. You are no longer limited by sending generic messages (as on social networks). You now communicate in a targeted and massive way. Thanks to the 1000Club hub, you open the door for agile communication.
  2. Outside of the hub, depending on your preferences, your publications appear (or not) on your site, as well as - if you allow it in the "Settings" of your publications - on the sites of other members, or on the Newswire of their authorized subscribers (for publications, as well as private messages).
You will benefit from positive public recommendations provided that you:
  1. Treat your customers, suppliers, partners, employees, etc. with respect.
  2. Provide quality products and services at the best price, and provide support and after-sales service worthy of the name.
1000Club protects your business essentially:
  • By highlighting the most reliable members.
    The idea is to block the road to ephemeral users.
    Our algorithm takes into account:
    1. Verifying your identity (compared to users whose identity is uncertain).
    2. Your level of use of the hub, which depends mainly on:
      • Your seniority.
      • Number of:
        • Your online publications.
        • Your publications shared by users.
        • Followers that follow you.
        • Users you follow.
        • Invitations that you send.
        • New members registered from your site.
        • etc.
  • By creating the conditions for a professional evaluation of your reputation.
    Your peers can constantly change your reputation.
    However, can evaluate you only members:
    1. Whose identity has been verified.
    2. Who are (or have been) in business with you.
    This double condition avoids the negative impact of "trolls" (false users) paid to bring down competition.
Business is based on trust. Within 1000Club, we strive to ensure maximum transparency and traceability.
The functionality of your website is beyond imagination. You will discover them soon.

1000Club guarantees that the information contained on this page is true and honestly stated, but does not bear any responsibility for errors or omissions.