What sets us apart

New digital experiences to automate your growth.

Protecting you is our top priority!

By experience, we know that the first rule to make money is not to lose. With whom you do business is therefore paramount. This is why 1000Club.com ensures the transparency and traceability of businesses to a level that has never been achieved.

We act as Trusted Third Parties without wanting to store your proof of identity ourselves. Signing a Declaration of Honor (apostatized) at City Hall in your city or in front of a notary, and sending us the original document by mail, should deter bad people from acting within the hub 4.0. In case of fraud, this would incur your criminal liability.

You can also have your identity checked by a specialized company, working for banks.

In response to your confirmed identity, we will increase your ranking in our internal results: this will set you apart from those whose identity is uncertain.

The idea is to allow you to measure the reputation of a member before you engage in business with him / her.

Only members whose identity has been verified can rate and evaluate other members with whom they are in business relationship.

So you do not risk unfounded denigration on the part of "trolls" who create false accounts to lower the competition.

Our professional and accurate peer-to-peer membership system enables serious businesses to benefit from immediate, reliable feedback when launching new products or services.

1000Club guarantees that the information contained on this page is true and honestly stated, but does not bear any responsibility for errors or omissions.