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Building your career at 1000Club!

Why should you work at 1000Club.com?
  1. Reinventing the Web.
  2. Contributing to the future of communication.
  3. Defining business.
  4. Making businesses safer and more productive.
  5. Working with outstanding talents.
  6. Being an innovator.
  7. Being proud of your company.
We are looking for talents mainly in the following areas below ...

Software Engineer - Product

  • Design and implement awesome innovative features.
  • Push limits of product innovation using the latest advancements in technology and methods - working closely with product manager, designers and other engineering teams.
  • Rapidly iterate on product and platform features.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer science (or equivalent work experience).
  • Strong algorithms, data structures and coding background.
  • Disciplined approach to testing and quality assurance.
  • Experience with web infrastructure and distributed systems.
  • Experience with software engineering best practices (e.g. unit testing, code reviews, design documentation).
  • Strong skills in: PHP7, Zend Framwork, Design patterns, MVC/SOA.
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.

MySql Database Engineer

  • Develop or augment existing frameworks to automate as much as possible the administration of a MySQL Cluster installation.
  • Use those frameworks to help facilitating the installation, configuration, upgrades and schema deployment of a MySQL cluster as if it were one on one server.
  • Contribute to the evolution of a best in class backup & recovery framework which accommodates the fast recovery of data.
  • Advise and support operation and engineering teams as necessary.
  • Quickly diagnose server problems and employ preventive measures to maintain high availability servers.
  • Participate in an on-call rotation.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience).
  • Experience writing production level PHP7 or Python.
  • High degree of proficiency in Shell scripting (Bash, Awk, etc.).
  • Experience administering Innodb at scale.
  • High degree of proficiency in Linux administration.
  • Experience in benchmarking and performance evaluation of various permutations of hardware and software.
  • Proactively identify and eliminate single points of failure.
  • Strong understanding of the Innodb IO/storage model and tuning it for performance on Linux.
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.

Database Architect (DBA)

  • Determines database structural requirements by analyzing operations, applications, and programming; reviewing objectives; evaluating current systems (MySQL Cluster and NoSQL Cluster).
  • Develops database solutions by designing proposed system; defining database physical structure and functional capabilities, security, back-up, and recovery specifications.
  • Installs database systems by developing flowcharts; applying optimum access techniques; coordinating installation actions; documents actions.
  • Maintains database performance by identifying and resolving production and application development problems; calculating optimum values for parameters; evaluating, integrating, and installing new releases; completing maintenance.
  • Determine application data access requirements, transaction rates, volume analysis, and other pertinent data required to develop and maintain integrated databases.
  • Protects database by developing access system (specifying user level of access).
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience).
  • Strong skills in MySQL, NoSQL, BIG DATA (Hadoop).
  • Database Design, Database Security, Database Management, Data Maintenance, Requirements Analysis, Project Management, Presenting Technical Information, Training, Operating Systems.
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.
Data Warehouse Engineer

  • Establish and maintain operational control and processes.
  • Manage space, archival, and other housekeeping tasks.
  • Work around data policies for data security.
  • Regularly monitor the cluster around space issues and follow up around unused tables and partitions.
  • Create, run, and monitor jobs around compactions, compressions, archival.
  • Create all operational support documentation.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience).
  • Strong in data structures and programming practices.
  • Experience writing production level PHP7, Python or Java.
  • High degree of proficiency in Shell scripting (Bash, Awk, etc.).
  • SQL experience.
  • Experience with large-scale, distributed systems design and development with a strong understanding of scaling, performance and scheduling.
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.
Big plus
  • Experience being a power-user of projects in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem such as Pig, Hive, HBase etc.
  • Experience with Map Reduce or other parallel programming techniques.
  • High degree of proficiency in Linux systems administration.
  • Experience implementing job schedulers for large-scale, multi-tenant systems.
  • Expert understanding of ETL techniques and best practices to handle extremely large volume of data.
Security Engineer

  • Provide security guidance.
  • Perform security assessments of anything.
  • Find and fix security problems, help others to architect with security as a priority.
  • Build internal tools that detect and respond to security issues.
  • Provide subject matter expertise on everything from host hardening to web application vulnerabilities.
  • Take a leadership role in driving internal security projects.
  • Assess and implement vendor security solutions that support our mission.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer science (or equivalent work experience).
  • Experience working with multiple operating systems, with expert level knowledge of UNIX.
  • Strong, well rounded background in host, network and application security.
  • Experience with applied cryptography including PKI, SSL, and key management.
  • Advanced knowledge of TCP/IP networking, and network services such as DNS, SMTP, DHCP, etc.
  • Experience working with firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
  • Expertise with an interpreted programming language (PHP7, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.).
  • Extensive knowledge of internet security issues and the threat landscape.
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.
CEO's Assistant

  • Provide high-level, confidential administrative support to the CEO.
  • Duties will be administrative and project-based and include scheduling travel, arranging meetings, handling information requests, preparing reports and correspondence and liaising with board members.
  • Diplomacy and discretion.
  • Spoken and written languages: English, Chinese, Spanish. (Japanese or Russian are welcome).
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.

Communication Manager

Are you willing to work with the mission of promoting 1000Club.com to media all over the world (and ensure as well that employees are aware of changes and projects within the company)?

  • Be in charge of defining the 1000Club.com's brand and communication strategy, and to transform it in concrete results.
  • Work outside as the supervisor of each National Leader for the:
    • Translations of press kits, press releases, videos, brochures, and other marketing tools.
    • Constitution of media databases in each country.
  • Business School.
  • Strong written and oral abilities.
  • Spoken and written languages​​: English, French, Spanish. (Japanese, Chinese or Russian are welcome)
  • Proofreading skills to ensure all materials are high-quality and accurate.
  • Excellent management skills.
  • Acute sense of hearing and knowing rigor and organization.
  • Relational and pedagogical.
  • Decision-making abilities and adaptation.
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.

Sales Manager

Can you be strongly committed to the worldwide expansion and outstanding results of 1000Club.com?

  • Work with the National Leader of each country (that you will coach and motivate).
  • Organize the World Convention, and as well regional events (helping the National Leaders).
  • Set up commercial partnerships with large corporations.
  • Develop 1000Club.com advertising strategy.
  • Business School.
  • Leadership.
  • Stubborn and independent.
  • Excellent management skills.
  • Acute sense of hearing and knowing rigor and organization.
  • Relational and pedagogical.
  • Decision-making abilities and adaptation.
  • Spoken and written languages​​: English, French, Spanish. (Japanese, Chinese or Russian are welcome).
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.

Dynamic affiliate

To some members who are passionate about the 1000Club.com hub solutions, we offer the opportunity to receive a remunerative reward for their contribution to the growth of the network of members.

Our development does not rest exclusively on the number of dynamic affiliates, but on the quality and effectiveness of their actions. That's why we select who we work with.

The opportunity to become a dynamic affiliate is not open to everyone.

Are you excited by the idea of contributing to the local and / or international expansion of the hub by benefiting from a mutually beneficial business partnership (in the form of Web independent affiliation) with profits to the height of your results?

  1. Your mission is to promote the solutions and benefits of the hub:
    • Everywhere on the web and exclusively using our marketing tools (because we do not allow you to create your own): videos, PDF brochures, texts (templates), etc.
    • To merchants (convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centers, home sellers, etc.).
    • To members of the liberal professions.
    • To manufacturers and trademarks.
    • By visiting trade shows and events.
    • By building strong relationships with all local professional organizations (Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Trade, employers' organizations, trade unions, etc.).
  2. Your goal is to recruit Basic Members (For free):
    • A number of them will upgrade their membership with Premium memberships (Diamond or Vip) or Basic+.
    • Others will prefer to take Individual Packages (functionality à la carte).
    • Some will pay commissions to 1000Club on their transactions (all business sectors - worldwide).
    • We'll see how many will prefer to target new prospects surgically through useful advertisements.
  3. You must:
    • Organize or participate several times a month in local meetings for members and their guests (business breakfasts, business lunches, cocktails, dinners, conferences, etc.).
    • Listen members of your network and provide them assistance.
  • High level of ethics.
  • Rigor and organization.
  • Goal-oriented.
  • Insatiable hunger for learning.
  • Ability to listen, make decisions and adapt.
  • Relational and pedagogical ability.
  • Obstinacy and independence.
  • Living and working with passion.
  • Join as a Basic Member (For free).
  • After recruiting 30 Basic Members (from your site or by sending invitations from your account), a button will appear below to start your application for dynamic affiliation.
  • Success in the online test: "Chat with me and discover the affiliate lurking in you".
  • Positive interview.

1000Club guarantees that the information contained on this page is true and honestly stated, but does not bear any responsibility for errors or omissions.