What sets us apart

New digital experiences to automate your growth.

Our innovations improve your performance

The main innovations of 1000Club.com are the result of the professional experience of Marc Planchette, who was an entrepreneur, author, lecturer, investor, having started his career as an international tax expert.

As a welcome gift to thank you for joining our secure business community, we provide you with a website with:
  • content [your publications or those of other members]
  • design [layout of the publications on your main page]
tailored in real time to the interests of your connected visitors who will now find what they are looking for without a click.

Thus, you will no longer need to worry about the design of your site, because the presentation of your main page will dynamically change depending on the number of your authorized publications.

If you prefer to have a more personalized design, it's very simple and does not require any technical knowledge. You can also schedule automatic updates of your site at specific dates or periods. And if you do not want to take care of anything, a certified specialist (assigned to you) will take care of all or part of your site.
From the beginning, 1000Club.com has been designed to connect you automatically and effortlessly every time you log in to your account, to the most trusted members, who:
  • Buy what you sell.
  • Sell what you buy (manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, distributors, re-sellers, etc.).
  • Fund your potential needs.
  • Rent what you are looking for.
  • Exchange or share what you need.
  • Are looking for the job you are proposing.
  • etc.
Each time you log in to your user account, relevant publications will be displayed immediately on the main hub page. These publications will depend on the keywords of your account and your publications (and, to a lesser extent, your actions on the hub). For each registered keyword, you will be systematically introduced to members who need your products or services, and vice versa. It's simple, precise and effective.
In just a few clicks, thanks to the dynamic update of your Circles by your authorized subscribers, you can have a large number of subscribers and adapt your messages to each target group with surgical precision. You no longer need to manage several social networks, which in any case will not allow you to communicate in a flexible way (unless you invest a lot of money in advertising).

With 1000Club, having thousands of new subscribers per day does not cause additional workload: your Circles will be updated in real time according to your selection filters. You enter the era of flexible communication: purposeful, mass, automatic and confidential (if necessary). The effect is greater than the general communication of social networks that force you to send the same message to everyone (because of manual, long, tedious and expensive updates of created groups).
Your site will automatically connect you to the members of the 1000Club, which are necessary for the development of your business, because:
  1. You will be automatically detected inside the hub, thanks to the keyword system.
  2. Some members will subscribe to your news free of charge, with one click.
  3. On their own personal website and / or with their personal subscribers, other members will display your messages (also with one click).
  4. 1000Club.com will regularly bring you new prospects, suppliers, partners, distributors, re-sellers, employees, etc., who will visit your website after discovering you on the hub.
In addition, your responsive design site [HTML5, with HTTPS security protocol] is natively optimized for search engines (SEO).

1000Club warrants that the information contained in this page is correct and honestly stated, but disclaims all liability for errors or omissions.