The philosophy and the legal aspects of the 1000Club are based on respect and the absence of a desire for hegemony.

Assessment Policy

Version of December 10, 2019

Circle of Trust

1000Club protects and develops the activities of its members.

In this context, we implement rules of use and specific features to allow 1000Club members to do business with each other with greater confidence.

Members who voluntarily cause harm to one or another of their peers do not have a place in the community of "ethical users" that we seek to build with you. We appreciate the fact that you are helping the 1000Club community to be a circle of trust.

The peer assessment system is a sophisticated system whose rules and procedures encourage assessors to be as impartial as possible. We want to protect the valued members while giving voice to those who feel aggrieved. However, we do not wish (and we cannot) to control the actions of 1000Club members who are free from their opinions and responsible for their assessments.

As part of the peer assessment, 1000Club provides a contradictory, quick, inexpensive (free of charge in most cases) exchange procedure, which protects everyone's rights to the extent possible. It should result that peers contribute to build the members’ reputation with fair and honestly stated information. However, we do not pretend to substitute ourselves for Justice.

By accessing and / or using the 1000Club website, you accept, without any restriction and unreservedly, the Assessment Policy.

Transparency and business traceability

The assessment service by each other aims to bring transparency and traceability of business between members.

The goals pursued are multiple:

  1. Discourage malicious people to use the 1000Club site.
  2. Encourage members to raise their standards of quality and ethics.
  3. Provide members with valuable decision-making elements before, to:
    • Rent or buy a product;
    • Use a service.
  4. Valuing members who:
    • Behave ethically;
    • Provide quality products and services at competitive prices;
    • Respect their customers, suppliers, partners, distributors, and more generally any person or entity with whom they have a professional relationship;
    • Respect delivery times;
    • Treat their staff well ;
    • Contribute to the sustainable economy.
  5. Organize an effective feedback system for brands and companies whose new products and services are introduced to the market: to enable them to improve their offer.

Selection of assessors

The 1000Club's assessment service is intended to allow "real" assessments (corresponding to the reality of the facts) between members. This service is organized in such a way as to "inform while protecting".

For this purpose, only members whose identity [Individual Account] or legal existence [Corporate Account] have been verified by us, have the ability to evaluate their peers.

Members who have not previously provided the documents (duly received and accepted by 1000Club), listed below, cannot evaluate their peers:

  • [Individual Account] Declaration on honor (Apostillea);
  • [Corporate Account] Legal documents proving the existence of the legal entity (variable by type of entity and country) at the time of the audit.

Thus "trolls", which usually create false accounts with the intention of damaging the reputation of competitors or misleading the public with false positive opinions, are unable to carry out their manipulative attempts on the site 1000Club.

Conditions of an assessment

Members with verified identity or legal existence are entitled to assess their peers:

  • With whom they are (or have been) in a business or professional relationship;
  • When, more simply, they bought, sold, rented, shared, or exchanged a property, a product or a service of the member concerned by the assessment.

Indeed, even if you have been authorized by 1000Club to evaluate members, you cannot evaluate a member with whom you have never been in a professional relationship, or whose product or service you have never purchased.

Assessment criteria

When a member is authorized by 1000Club to evaluate his peers, he can evaluate one or more criteria of a peer:

  • As part of a personal assessment;
  • Regarding one of its products / services,
  • among the following criteria:
    • About the member:
      • Ethics;
      • Promise made;
      • Customer relationship;
      • Salesman professionalism;
      • Delivery time;
      • Customer care;
      • Contribution to the sustainable economy;
      • Respect :
        • Staff;
        • Legislation in force (in the country of operation, or in the countries where the product / service is delivered);
        • Safety standards;
        • Hygiene standards;
        • Environmental standards;
    • About the product / service :
      • Quality;
      • Performances;
      • Price;
      • Warranty;
      • Delivery in conformity with the order;
      • Utility;
      • Style;
      • Innovation.

This list of evaluable criteria is likely to change with the addition or removal of criteria by 1000Club.

Assessment procedure

The assessment procedure is like a contradictory exchange between the parties and involves several steps:

  1. Rating of one or more criteria;
  2. Description of the facts (comment of each note);
  3. Saving each rating (with its description);
  4. Notification of the assessment to the member concerned;
  5. Acceptance or "justified" challenge [with possible contribution of proof (s)] of each individual note;
  6. Notification to the assessor of the "justified" acceptance or challenge of one or more of its assessment criteria;
  7. Evidence provided by the assessor to confirm one or more of the assessment criteria;
  8. Decision of the 1000Club concerning the putting on line of the challenged criterion (s).

Rating, description, proof (s), backup, and publication

A. Rating and description

The assessor:

  1. Assigns an individual score (on a scale of zero to ten) to one or more criteria for the evaluated member or any of its products / services;
  2. Describes in 500 characters maximum the facts which led him to attribute each score of his assessment.

B. Backup

Each scored criterion is saved (but not yet published) by the assessor.

When an assessment is complete, we strongly recommend that you follow a reflection period of 24 to 72 hours to check each assessment criterion and possibly improve or delete it before publishing it.

C. Proof

We recommend that the assessor, at this point in the process, provide the evidence (s) confirming each of the assessment criteria. However, this is not mandatory and can be done later.

D. Publication

Once verified, the assessor publishes the assessment if he considers it to be in good faith and in accordance with the facts.

From the moment it is published, the assessment is no longer editable. It is no longer deletable too.

At this stage of the publication, the assessment is not yet uploaded by 1000Club and, therefore, 1000Club members cannot access it yet.

Notification to the member concerned by the assessment, and deadline for acceptance or contestation

The member being evaluated is informed of the publication of this assessment which is not yet posted online and therefore visible to members. 1000Club sends a notification email and also informs the member concerned when he next logs into his user account.

Each criterion of the assessment must be accepted or contested.

Accepted criteria are posted immediately; while the contested criteria are put on hold (and, therefore, are not posted online at this stage of the procedure).

In the latter case, the contestation of each criterion must be justified in less than 500 characters. The reasons for each challenge must be clear and precise. It is also recommended to bring the proof (s) confirming each contestation of the criterion.

Failing acceptance or contestation of a criterion [within fifteen (15) calendar days from the day following the date of publication], the unaccepted or contested criterion is posted online by 1000Club.

Evidence provided by the assessor

The assessor is informed, by email and also during his next login to his user account, of the contestation of all or part of his assessment.

The assessor is invited to provide the evidence necessary to confirm the contested criterion (s) of the assessment. Even if he has already done so, he can bring new evidence.

Failure to provide such evidence within fifteen (15) calendar days from the day following the date of the contestation, the disputed criteria are not posted online.

200-day appeal period

The assessor and the member concerned by the assessment have a two hundred (200) day appeal period from the day after an assessment is posted to provide sufficient new evidence to modify the status of the assessment.

After this time, no further appeal is possible within 1000Club.

Administrative costs (in case of dispute)

A fair and equitable assessment system (increasing the security of professional relations within the 1000Club community) is offered to members who accept it without any restriction and unreservedly. This complex system requires significant human and computer resources.

Administrative costs are the responsibility of both parties, who expressly accept them for each contested criterion:

  • Assessor, for:
    • Publishing an evaluation;
    • Providing the evidence to justify the dispute.
  • Member concerned, for:
    • Contesting an assessment;
    • Providing the exculpatory evidence.
      For example: A copy of a delivery note issued by the carrier when a delivery is disputed.

These administrative costs are intended to:

  1. Prevent, as far as possible, the members of:
    • Negative evaluation of competitors (just for fun);
    • Systematically challenge negative ratings (knowing that they are well-founded and ultimately will end up being displayed).
  2. Insure 1000Club with:
    • The human resources (staff and / or affiliates) to verify the evidence provided by each party;
    • Resources needed to make a correct decision on the disputed criteria;
    • IT resources to implement the assessment system.

The parties undertake irrevocably to pay, within the deadlines, these expenses whose amounts are likely to modification by 1000Club, without prejudice of any damage and interest for the user and without preliminary notification.

In the absence of payment of these fees, by:

  1. The member concerned (within the time allowed for the contestation of an assessment): the evaluated and contested criterion will, in fact, be put online;
  2. The assessor (within the time limit for providing evidence of an assessment): the contested and unproven criterion by the assessor will be kept offline.

Transparency and business traceability come at a cost, but it is priceless.

Force of 1000Club decision

1000Club acts as the sole possible referee, recognized, and validated by the parties.

When considering the evidence and before deciding whether or not to release all or part of an assessment, 1000Club may request clarification or additional evidence from the parties.

1000Club undertakes to make decisions in good faith after studying the evidence provided by the parties.

Within the two hundred (200) day appeal period and in case of convincing new evidence, 1000Club reserves the right to change a decision, without prejudice to any damages and interest to the user. Parties affected by the change are notified of the change at least 24 hours before the change is posted.

After this period of appeal:

  • The parties acknowledge the final character of the 1000Club decision and its application on the 1000Club site;
  • However, if you do not agree with a 1000Club decision, you can still initiate legal proceedings by attacking (depending on your position) the assessor or member concerned by the assessment. However, under no circumstances you can attack or implicate 1000Club in any court proceeding regarding an assessment. You accept, without any restriction and unreservedly, the lack of responsibility of 1000Club in the event of a decision that you do not agree with. 1000Club undertakes to respect every court decision concerning the putting on line or offline of an assessment.

Calculation of the "Global Rating"

For each assessment, we produce a "Specific Score", which is the weighted individual score of a member or one of its products or services. This Specific Score is calculated according to the rules of our algorithm (confidential) which gives more or less importance to each criterion rated. This is the score obtained by calculating the adjusted average of the different ratings making up an assessment. For example, ethics is more important than contributing to the sustainable economy.

Please note that if the algorithm changes, past scores will not be affected. They will not be recalculated.

1000Club calculates the daily average of the Specific Scores. At the end of the month, the "Daily Scores" are converted into a "Monthly Score" (calculated by averaging the Daily Scores of the calendar month), before composing in turn an "Annual Score" (calculated as the average of the Monthly Scores of the calendar year).

The "Global Score" of a member results from the average of the Annual Scores obtained over the last ten years. However, a single Annual Score is sufficient to constitute a Global Score. When a member does not have an Annual Score, his Global Score is composed of the average of his Monthly Scores. Only one Monthly Score is sufficient to constitute a Global Score.

Access to Assessments

  • Inside the hub
    Basic Free members only have access to Global Scores.
    Basic Plus members have access to the rating of a criterion.
    Premium members (Diamond or Vip) also have access to the comment of a criterion rating.
  • On publications and public profiles
    Unconnected visitors have access to Global Scores.

Responsibility of the assessor

The assessments must be made in good faith: by specifying real and established facts and of course avoiding any insult, personal attack, or any vulgar or offensive commentary on honor or dignity.

The assessor is solely responsible for his assessments and, in the case of a false assessment or defamation, is liable to prosecution by his victim (s).

You are solely responsible to 1000Club and any third-party, for any damages, direct or indirect, of any nature whatsoever, caused by your Assessment of a member, and whatever its nature, communicated, transmitted or disseminated by you through the 1000Club site, as well as for any violation of this Assessment Policy.

1000Club reserves the right to:

  • Delete any assessment, especially in the case of breach of the law, as well as in the case of a third-party complaint, or when we consider it to be in breach of the letter or spirit of the Assessment Policy or Terms of Use, without prejudice to any damage and interest to the user and without prior notice;
  • Withdraw your right to assess members in the event of a false assessment (including after being unable to provide evidence of facts in your assessment), or in bad faith, or in the event of an obstruction of an assessment;
  • Block you access to all or part of the services of the site 1000Club, temporarily or permanently, without prejudice to any damage and interest for the user and without prior notification, in case of behavior aimed at the obstruction of an assessment procedure.

If you do not agree with our Assessment Policy and you no longer wish to be part of the 1000Club community, you may delete your account at any time. However, we hope you will continue to use the 1000Club site.

1000Club's liability

Being from fact subject to an obligation of means, 1000Club cannot be held liable for any damage of any kind resulting from peer peer assessments and 1000Club decisions regarding such assessments on the 1000Club site.

1000Club implements the reasonable means at its disposal to ensure accurate assessments, but is under no obligation to do so.

1000Club cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of the assessment service or any other event beyond the reasonable control which would prevent or degrade this service.

In no event, the responsibility of 1000Club can, in addition, be sought regarding the relations which could exist between the users of the 1000Club site, or as for the decisions taken concerning the status of all or part of an assessment.

We may improve the Assessment Policy from time to time (in accordance with section 17 of the Terms of Use)

We aim to constantly improve our services and we are working hard to develop new features that make the 1000Club site better for you and our community. As a result, to accurately reflect our services and practices, we may need, time to time, to update our Assessment Policy.

1000Club reserves the right to change at any time and, unless required by law, without notice, the Assessment Policy.

Any changes will be immediately reflected on the page of the text concerned by the modification. The update date will be mentioned. You are therefore invited to regularly check their latest updated version.

We will do our best, however, to inform you of these changes before they come into effect. We recommend you to subscribe to the site: In this way, you will be informed on your Newsfeed of the changes made to the Assessment Policy. Think of it as an act of pure courtesy.

Once the updated Assessment Policy is in effect, it will bind you if you continue to use the 1000Club site.

We hope you continue to do so, but if you do not agree with our updated Assessment Policy and no longer wish to be part of the 1000Club community, you may delete your account at any time.

Only the latest English version entitled "Assessment Policy" [published on] has probative value. PDF versions do not bind us legally. Please always check the latest version on